How To Adjust Your Top

So good you are here! We wanted to tell you how to choose a sports bra that will fit perfectly. It’s not rocket science, still, a good-fitting bra prevents excessive bouncing and minimizes unnecessary breast movements. So, how to choose a sports bra?
  • All eyes on bands. The bands do most of the supporting work, but shouldn’t be tight. The bra is too small if the band digs into your body, but if it rides up your back it’s likely too big.
  • Adjust the straps. How to know that you adjust them well? Just fit two fingers between the straps and shoulders. For the perfect fit bra, you will do it with a bit of resistance. Use bra strap adjusting. That way, as the bra stretches out over time, you can tighten it to make sure you’re still getting the support you need.
  • Check the way your breasts are contained. They have to be centered and fully contained in the cups. Extra room or overflowing shows that the size is incorrect.
  • Test drive. Just jump or run in place to test your bra. If you feel supported and secure, you have found your perfect bra.
We hope nothing will distract you from pursuing your favorite activity!