About NASS

It all started with a ballerina named Nastya. From a young age, dedication and hard work were second nature. But ballet transformed when Nastya discovered the world of hip hop and twerk dance. This new passion demanded a whole new wardrobe, especially booty shorts that could keep up with her energy and moves. Finding the perfect pair, however, proved to be a constant challenge.

Frustrated by limitations and a lack of variety, Nastya dreamt of a solution. What if there were high-quality booty shorts designed for self-expression, with unique prints and a fit that flatters every move? That's when the idea for NASS was born.

Today, NASS is more than just booty shorts. It's a brand built on Nastya's journey, a celebration of dedication, self-expression, and the freedom to move with confidence. Our shorts are crafted with sweat-absorbing fabric and unique, limited-edition prints that make you stand out. Whether you're dancing like Nastya, hitting the gym, or conquering the world in your own way, NASS is for those who embrace their inner fire and live life to the fullest.