Spice up your quarantine: 5 useful things to do while stuck at home

Spice up your quarantine: 5 useful things to do while stuck at home - NΛSS

While we are stuck at home, there’s more time for us to take up beneficial activities. If you catch yourself being completely overwhelmed with the house-regime and what to do about it, here are some useful ideas that will make you feel alive again


Focus on self-development

Rather than procrastinating and being lazy 24/7, I suggest considering doing something more advantageous. And what is more advantageous than self-development? Have you been thinking about taking an online course? Maybe there’s a stack of books you were waiting to read but always put off? Now is the time to make it all happen!


Being back some old hobbies

With the crazy restless world, we live in it’s important to step back for a second and relax. One of the best-proven ways of relaxation is pursuing your hobby. Especially the one(s) you’ve forgotten about due to the lack of time. By doing something you like you let your mind switch from the daily worries and start really enjoying the moment.


Work out

As expected as it is, I highly encourage you to work out at home. Firstly, looking good never hurt nobody, and you get additional time for your training session as there’s no need to rush to the gym. However, working out isn’t all about the looks — it’s also about the feeling...

Feeling strong, powerful, capable of basically everything... Feeling the blood rushing through your body, feeling of your muscles getting stronger and your sling looking glowy...

Working out clears your thoughts and makes you feel and look amazing, what else is there to say? Oh, except maybe — what are you waiting for?!



Yes, you’ve heard it! While you’re spending some much time at home it’s important to keep the area you live in in a clean and organized state.

It’s time to declutter your workspace, reorganize your closet (maybe even donate some stuff you don’t really need??), get rid of the unnecessary things that just take up a lot of free space.

Besides being beneficial for the general appearance of your home, it’s also very therapeutic — by letting go of the material stuff, you’re also letting go of the past negativity that may have been holding you back.

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